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Serving Aventura Personal Injury Lawyer Jarrett Blakeley Provides Expert Help to Victims

If you have experienced an injury, you may have many questions. Why did it happen to you? Could it have been avoided? How can you get back to your normal life? After you have been hurt, it's important to know that you're not alone. While your doctor works to help you recover physically, you need a great personal injury attorney to help you recover financially.

After years of serving Aventura Personal Injury Lawyer Jarrett Blakeley knows the best ways to assist injury victims, empowering them to go after compensation for their damages. He provides free consultations that will help you fully understand your rights and options.

Types of Claims Addressed by Personal Injury Lawyers

There are countless types of cases, just as there are many kinds of people and situations. Motorcycle accident and auto accidents are common causes of injury that you have probably heard of. As you know, not all drivers ar e responsible. The world can be pretty dangerous, and these types of incidents are pretty common. However, you may have suffered an injury from a different type of accident. Please be aware that any type of injury may have the potential for a claim.

Workplace, Slip and Fall, Dog Bites, and Product-Related Injuries

Injuries in the workplace are extremely common, even if you don't work in a physically demanding job. In most cases, you may not be able to file liability claims due to the workers' compensation laws. But, if you were injured because of a third party, you might be able to file a third party claim. Another common type of claim is a "slip and fall" claim, resulting from injuries sustained because a sidewalk or floor was not properly maintained.

Property owners and managers have a responsibility to keep areas safe, and they may be held liable if someone is injured. Other types of personal injury claims may relate to dog bites, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, assault and battery, pedestrian accidents, or any number of cases in which someone's negligent, irresponsible, or erratic actions or failure to take precautions leads to harm.

Call an Aventura Personal Injury Lawyer Who Can Help You Seek Compensation

A seasoned personal injury attorney is educated to seek damages that you may not be aware of, including long term damages that resulted from the incident. If you were injured within the last four years, Florida law indicates that you have a right to file your claim to collect on damages due to paralysis, medical treatment, physical therapy, hospitalization, pain and suffering, lost other lost earning potential, disfigurement, mental trauma, loss or reduction of function and other types of physical, psychological, and financial harm that resulted from your injury.

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