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When life takes an unexpected turn due to an injury, the path forward can be filled with uncertainty. At Blakeley Law Firm, we understand the personal story of pain, resilience, and the quest for justice behind every personal injury case.

In the heart of Jacksonville, our Touchton Road office serves to help those who have suffered harm, providing legal representation for fair compensation. As dedicated Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorneys, we are committed to advocating for your rights and securing the compensation you deserve.

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right legal representation can make all the difference in the aftermath of an accident. With years of dedicated service, Blakeley Law Firm has become a trusted name in personal injury law throughout South Florida and beyond. Our team combines compassionate client care with aggressive legal strategies to secure the results you deserve.

We are known for:

  • A thorough understanding of Florida's personal injury laws.
  • A client-centered approach that prioritizes your well-being.
  • An impressive track record of high-value settlements and verdicts.
  • No legal fees unless we recover a settlement for you.

Personal Injury Accident Compensation

Understanding the worth of your personal injury claim can set the foundation for your recovery. Compensation can cover:

Medical Expenses: Immediate and Ongoing

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Medical expenses are often the most immediate and quantifiable costs associated with a personal injury. These can range from the initial emergency room visit and hospitalization to surgeries, medication, physical therapy, and any necessary medical equipment. Long-term costs might include follow-up visits, rehabilitation, and home care services.

You prove these expenses with documentation. This includes medical bills, receipts, and statements from healthcare providers. Our firm works closely with medical professionals to not only ensure we include all current and anticipated future medical costs but also to substantiate the necessity of these treatments as a direct result of the injury.

Lost Income: The Earnings You Missed

When an injury keeps you from working, you can seek compensation for your lost income. This includes not only the income you've missed but also the sick and vacation days you were forced to use. To prove lost income, we gather documentation such as pay stubs, direct deposit records, tax returns, and employer statements.

Our firm assists clients by obtaining the necessary proof from employers and financial institutions to establish the extent of income lost due to the injury. We also work to show a clear link between the time missed at work and the accident.

Potential Loss of Future Earnings

In the case of severe injuries, you may face a reduced capacity to earn in the future. Proving this loss often requires a detailed analysis of your career trajectory, including your earning potential, had the injury not occurred. We might consult economists and other experts to calculate the value of lost future earnings.

We at Blakeley Law Firm are skilled at illustrating not only the immediate financial impact but also the long-term financial implications of your injury. This includes gathering and presenting evidence that projects your future losses, ensuring they are rightfully recognized and compensated.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering compensation covers the physical pain and discomfort you endure during recovery and possibly beyond. This is often the hardest to quantify as it doesn't come with a price tag.

Proving pain and suffering usually requires a comprehensive medical record, testimony from healthcare providers, and sometimes even from family and friends who witness your daily struggles.

At Blakeley Law Firm, we prepare and present evidence to vividly portray the physical pain you've experienced. We aim to secure a compensation amount that reflects the severity of your suffering, helping you find justice and closure.

Throughout each stage, we at Blakeley Law Firm remain committed to guiding our clients, advocating fiercely on their behalf, and ensuring that every impact of their injury is acknowledged and compensated. We understand personal injury law and put our experience to work so that you can focus on what truly matters in your recovery.

Jacksonville Personal Injury Hotspots

In Jacksonville, personal injuries can happen in many locations, but some spots are more common:

  • Intersections and freeways like I-95 and I-10, which are notorious for traffic collisions.
  • Crowded retail centers like St. Johns Town Center, where slips and falls are common.
  • Industrial areas around the Port of Jacksonville, where workplace incidents can happen.
  • Riverside's bustling nightlife, where the potential for accidents increases with activity.

Practice Areas

Our practice areas include a wide range of personal injury cases, including but not limited to:

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents involve cars, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, and pedestrians. These collisions can cause catastrophic losses.

In such cases, our legal team at Blakeley Law Firm works to establish liability by gathering evidence from the accident scene, police reports, eyewitness statements, and, when necessary, expert testimony. We also work closely with accident reconstruction specialists to build a compelling case that accurately reflects the events leading to the accident and the resulting damages.

Our attorneys understand Florida's no-fault insurance laws and how they intersect with victims' rights to seek compensation beyond Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

We can navigate these laws to maximize our client's recovery, whether negotiating with insurance companies or pursuing a lawsuit against at-fault drivers and other parties.

Premises Liability

Injuries on someone else's property due to slips, trips, or falls can often result from negligent maintenance or unsafe conditions. Premises liability cases can arise from wet floors without proper signage, uneven sidewalks, poorly lit stairwells, or other hazardous conditions that property owners should have addressed.

Our lawyers document the unsafe conditions that led to the injury, often using the knowledge of premises safety experts. We ensure that photographic evidence, maintenance records, and witness statements are secured to establish the property owner's negligence.

By proving that the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition, we can hold them accountable for the harm caused.

Product Liability

Whether it's a flaw in the design, a failure during the manufacturing process, or a lack of adequate warnings, you can hold companies responsible for injuries their unsafe products cause.

The product liability attorneys at Blakeley Law Firm go into the specifics of the product's design and manufacturing process, working with engineers and safety experts to demonstrate the defect and its role in the injury.

We examine all aspects of the product's distribution chain to identify all potentially liable parties, from the manufacturer to the retailer.

Our approach involves thorough research and aggressive representation to ensure that our clients receive fair compensation for their injuries caused by defective products.

In each of these scenarios, our firm uses our extensive legal knowledge, resources, and network of professional experts to ensure that our client's rights are protected. 

We focus on securing the evidence and expert testimony necessary to build a strong case, aiming to achieve the best possible outcome for those we represent.

Types of Personal Injuries

Types of injuries we frequently encounter include:

Fractures and Broken Bones

Fractures and broken bones are among the most common injuries sustained in personal injury incidents. They can range from simple fractures that may heal with time to complex breaks that require surgery and extensive rehabilitation. The physical pain and immobilization can lead to lost income, medical expenses, and other costs related to treatment and recovery.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

TBIs are particularly severe and can result in long-lasting or even permanent disability. They can drastically alter your quality of life, affecting cognitive function, emotional regulation, and the ability to perform everyday tasks. The road to recovery if possible is often uncertain and may involve surgeries, medication, and therapy.

Our attorneys are deeply aware of the serious nature of these injuries and the extensive compensation required to manage them. We strive to ensure that you are compensated not only for medical bills but also for the lifelong impact the injury may have on your earning capacity and overall life satisfaction.

By consulting neurologists and life-care planners, we can project future costs and challenges you may face and aggressively seek compensation that accounts for these.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis

Spinal cord injuries often result in partial or total paralysis, significantly altering your way of life and necessitating substantial medical care and personal assistance. 

The costs associated with spinal cord injuries are immense, often involving adaptive equipment, home modifications, around-the-clock care, and other needs that can last a lifetime.

We at Blakeley Law Firm are committed to fighting for clients who have suffered spinal cord injuries. We aim to secure compensation that covers all aspects of living with such an injury, including loss of enjoyment of life, loss of independence, and emotional distress, in addition to the economic burdens. 

Recognizing the gravity of these injuries, we fight for settlements that ensure financial security for the present and future.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries, such as sprains, strains, and tears, can cause significant pain and can take a surprisingly long time to heal. While these injuries may not always require surgery, they can still result in considerable treatment costs, including physical therapy and long-term pain management.

We recognize that soft tissue injuries can be just as disruptive as more visibly serious injuries. As your attorneys, we work to validate the severity of your soft tissue injuries and the pain they cause.

Insurance companies often downplay these injuries, but we are ready to counter such tactics with thorough documentation and expert testimony, ensuring you receive fair compensation for your recovery.

Fighting the Insurance Company

Insurance companies, with their extensive resources and experienced adjusters, often use strategies to protect their bottom lines. These strategies can range from undervaluing legitimate claims to outright denial of compensation. Our mission at Blakeley Law Firm is to level the playing field for our clients.

When recovering from an injury, the last thing you need is the stress of dealing with an insurance company that seems to have its interests at heart rather than yours.

Our lawyers shield you from the often overwhelming tactics insurers use. We understand the psychological and emotional games that can take place, the endless requests for documentation, the sometimes intrusive surveillance, and the pressure to settle quickly for a sum that is a fraction of what you deserve.

We are not intimidated by these tactics, and we educate our clients so they are ready for the process.

Our approach involves thoroughly investigating your claim and gathering evidence that speaks to the reality of your situation. We make sure that every medical bill, every report, and every expert opinion is documented and presented most compellingly.

We also bring a deep understanding of insurance law, arming ourselves with facts that can counter any attempt to minimize your claim.

Through negotiation and, if necessary, litigation, we aim to secure the maximum compensation possible. Our history of success in this area confirms our commitment to our clients and understanding of insurance law.

It's not just about knowing the law it's about understanding people, and that's where our firm excels. We build personal relationships with our clients, enabling us to advocate more effectively.

If the case must go to court, our lawyers are ready and willing to take that step. We prepare every case as if it will go to trial, which signals to insurance companies that we are serious and often leads to better settlement offers.

Throughout this entire process, we keep our clients informed and involved because at the heart of our practice is the belief that our clients deserve not only compensation but also respect and compassion.

After a Personal Injury Accident in Jacksonville

Following a personal injury accident, your focus should be on recovery, but certain steps can significantly improve your legal case:

  • Stick to the treatment plans prescribed by medical professionals to demonstrate the seriousness of your injuries.
  • Keep records of all injury-related expenses.
  • Document your recovery process and how the injury affects your daily life in a personal journal.
  • Get a copy of the police report.
Jarrett Blakeley Beach Truck Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville
Jarrett Blakeley Personal Injury Attorney in Jacksonville

Bringing this information to us at Blakeley Law Firm allows us to build the strongest possible case on your behalf.

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