What to Expect When Meeting a Car Accident Lawyer in Florida


Hiring a car accident lawyer in Florida isn’t easy, especially if you’re not familiar with personal injury litigation. This blog is for people who need help hiring a lawyer and need to understand how the process works.

Covering the basics:

The initial consultation usually involves understanding and explaining the basics of the case, as in what happened, who was involved, where and when the car accident took place, and why it happened. You can schedule a free consultation with our car accident lawyer in Florida, Jarrett Blakeley, to evaluate the details of your case. We’ll review the details for you and tell you if the case is worth pursuing.

Explaining the process:

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Florida can offer insight into how things will proceed, and the things you should (or shouldn’t) do to move towards a favorable outcome. We will keep you in the know with everything that happens behind the scenes. This includes filing legal briefs, organizing through documents, applying for documents, etc.

Deciding on your contribution to the process:

What’s your role in the entire process? How will you contribute to the outcome? The lawyer will explain the medical tests that may be necessary to establish certain facts. Meanwhile, if there’s something you come to know that will affect the outcome of the case, you should let the lawyer know about this.


Not all car accident cases have to enter the courtroom; usually, it is settled out of court during negotiations. The case reaches trial only when negotiations fail.

It’s very important for the car accident lawyer in Florida to establish regular communication with you and offer an update about the latest developments.

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