How Much Is a Car Accident Claim Worth?

December 7, 2023 | Jarrett Blakeley
How Much Is a Car Accident Claim Worth?

After a car accident, one of the biggest questions on your mind is likely to be about money. Specifically, you might wonder how much money you can get from a car accident claim. It's a common question with a complicated answer, because every car accident is different. Always have a skilled car accident lawyer evaluate your situation.

The Value of a Car Accident Claim

The worth of a car accident claim can vary a lot. It depends on how badly you suffered an injury, how much damage your car got, and even who caused the accident.

Medical Costs

When you're in a car accident, the bills for medical care can add up fast, and they can become a big worry. After an accident, you might need an ambulance to take you to the hospital. This ride alone can cost a lot of money.

Once you get to the hospital, the costs can keep growing. You might have to pay for staying in the emergency room, having doctors look at you, and getting X-rays or other tests done to see what injuries you have.

After the first rush of treatment, you might need to return to the doctor for more check-ups. These follow-up visits make sure you're healing right and let you tell the doctor about any new pains or problems.

If you broke a bone or suffered whiplash, you might need sessions with a physician after an accident to get back your strength and movement. These sessions can go on for weeks or even months.

Sometimes, you might need medicine to help with pain or to stop infections. If the medication you need is special and costs more, this can be another part of your medical costs.

You might also need crutches to walk, a brace to keep a hurt part of your body still, or equipment for your home. All these things are part of what you need to get better, and they're all things that cost money.

And it's not just about the care you've already received. If your injuries are severe, you might need medical care for a long time. This can mean more doctor visits, more physical therapy, or even surgery in the future. Sometimes, injuries from car accidents can last a long time or even a lifetime, which can mean a lot of medical care over the years.

You must consider all these things when adding up your medical costs for a car accident claim. It's not just the bills you already have but also the expenses you will have later. This is why keeping track of every medical invoice and receipt is essential. They prove how much money you've had to spend because of the accident.

When you're working with a car accident lawyer on your claim, they will understand and add up all these medical costs. They'll look at what you've spent and what you might have to spend in the future. This way, they can ask for enough money in your claim to cover all your medical care.

The goal is to ensure you can get the care you need without worrying about how you'll pay for it. Car accidents are challenging enough without the extra stress of medical bills. That's why accounting for every cost in your claim is crucial.

Lost Income

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When you get hurt in a car accident, the pain isn't just physical it can hit your wallet, too, especially if you can't work because of your injuries. You may not go to your job for days, weeks, or even longer. This can be a huge problem because you need your paycheck to pay for your house, food, and other bills.

If you've had to take time off from your job without pay, this is a loss that the person who caused the accident should cover. This isn't only about the money you've already lost.

If your doctor says you need to stay home from work to heal, or if you need to go to physical therapy appointments, you'll miss more time and more paychecks in the future.

Lost income also counts if you change jobs because your injuries will no longer let you do your old job. If your new job pays less than your old one, you can add the difference in your pay to your claim. It's not your fault that you can't do your old job anymore.

Sometimes, injuries can be so bad that you can't return to work. If this happens, you can get money for the pay you should have earned if you kept working. This is called loss of earning capacity. Your Florida accident lawyer can determine how much money you deserve for this.

When you're talking to a lawyer about lost income, bring pay stubs from before the accident to prove how much you made. A note from your doctor explaining why you can't work and for how long can also help show why you need the money. If you can return to work but can't make as much money as before, you might need to show what your new job pays.

It's not just full-time workers who should get money for lost income. You can still get lost income if you're a part-time worker, work for yourself, or do different jobs for payment. It may be harder to figure out how much you should get, but it's just as important.

Your car accident attorney will look at all of this and ask for a fair amount of money for your lost income. The at-fault party should not leave you struggling because they hurt you in a car accident.

You deserve money to cover the work you missed. That way, you can focus on getting better without worrying about how you will pay your bills.

Pain and Suffering

When you hear about pain and suffering in a car accident claim, it's talking about the hurt and problems that don't have a price tag. This isn't about the money you spend on doctors or fixing your car. It's about how the accident makes you feel and makes your life harder.

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident, you might have a lot of pain. Every step or move you make might hurt, which can last for a short or long time. Sometimes, the hurt doesn't go away. This kind of constant pain can change your mood, make you feel tired all the time, or make you feel angry or sad.

Then there's the emotional distress the feelings you have because of the accident. You might be scared to return to a car or have bad dreams about the crash. You might not enjoy things you used to love doing before the accident. These feelings are real and matter as much as the physical pain.

The law understands that pain and suffering are part of what you go through after an accident. That's why you can ask for money for pain and suffering in your claim. But figuring out how much money you should get for this can be challenging. There's no bill or receipt you can look at to find the correct number.

How do you know how much money is suitable for what you're going through? It's different for everyone.

The amount depends on many things:

  • How badly are you hurt?
  • How much does the hurt stop you from having a typical day?
  • How long will the pain last?
  • Will you work, sleep well, and enjoy life like you did before?

Your lawyer will account for all of this when they help you with your claim.

Your lawyer might ask you to keep a daily diary of how you feel. This can help show how the accident affects you over time. You might write down that you can't sleep because of pain or you had to miss a family party because you were feeling too upset. This diary can show what you're going through daily.

The money for pain and suffering should help compensate for the bad things you're going through that don't have a specific cost. It acknowledges that what you feel is important and that the accident took something valuable from you—your comfort and happiness.

Ultimately, the money won't take away the pain, bad memories, or post-traumatic stress. But it can help you care for yourself and find ways to feel better. It can give you space to heal and regain some of what you lost. Your lawyer will work to get you a fair amount for your pain and suffering because it's a big part of your recovery after the accident.

Damage to Your Car

When a car accident happens, one of the first things you'll notice is the damage to your vehicle. Your car might have a few dents and scratches or such extensive damage that you cannot drive it anymore. Either way, you'll need to get it fixed or even need a new vehicle if the damage is significant.

The cost of fixing a car is high. It might not cost too much if it's just a small dent. 

But if parts of your vehicle need to be replaced, like the hood or the doors, or if the engine is damaged, the price can increase significantly. And it's not just about the parts; you also have to pay for the work of the people who fix your car. All of this can add up to a hefty bill.

If your car has so much damage that no one can fix it, it is a total loss. When this happens, you should get money for the value of your car before the crash. Figuring out this amount can be tricky.

It's not just about what you paid for your vehicle or how much you owe if you're still making payments. It's about your car's worth on the market just before the accident.

Some guides and websites can tell you your car's value based on its make, model, year, and how many miles it has on it. Your lawyer can ensure the insurance company gives you a fair amount.

Sometimes, you might need a rental car while your car is in the repair shop or until you can buy a new one. The cost of this rental can also be part of your claim. This is important because you need a way to get to work or take your kids to school.

Keep all the paperwork from the repair shop or the car rental place. This includes the estimates for the repairs, the final bill, or the rental agreement. This paperwork proves how much money you've had to spend because of the accident.

Your lawyer will look at all these costs and include them in your claim. They'll talk to the insurance company to ensure you get enough money to cover all the damage to your car. This way, you can get your car fixed or get a new one without it costing you more money.

The goal is to ensure you're not left without a car or with a big bill to pay because of an accident that wasn't your fault. Your car is a big part of your life. It gets you where you need to go. Getting enough money to fix or replace it is integral to your car accident claim.

Other Losses

There might be other costs you've had because of the accident, like renting a car while yours is being fixed or paying for help around the house. These are called out-of-pocket expenses and can add up quickly.

Factors That Can Affect Your Claim

Who was at fault for the accident can affect your claim's worth. Your claim might be worth more if the other driver was entirely at fault.

The insurance companies will also play a significant role in deciding how much money you get. They'll look at all the evidence, talk to everyone involved, and then make an offer based on what they think the claim is worth. Sometimes, their first offer is lower than what you deserve.

This is where a lawyer can help you. Your lawyer can look at all the same information the insurance companies do, but they'll look out for your best interests. They can negotiate with the insurance companies to get you a higher amount. And if you can't agree on a fair amount, your lawyer can take your case to court.

Seek Help from a Car Accident Attorney

Every car accident claim is unique, so there's no set amount of money you can expect to get. But by understanding what goes into calculating the value of a claim, you can start to get an idea of what your claim might be worth.

Keep track of all your costs, from medical bills to car repairs, and talk to a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale if you want to get the best idea of what your claim can be worth. They can explain the process and work to get you the compensation you need to recover from your accident.

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