Types of Car Accidents

December 15, 2023 | Jarrett Blakeley
Types of Car Accidents

There are many kinds of car accidents, and each can cause serious damage and injuries. No matter what type of collision happens, you might hold another driver responsible and liable for any losses you suffer.

Below are some common types of car accidents, what can cause them, and what you might go through if you're in one, emphasizing the importance of consulting with a car accident lawyer.

Rear-End Collisions

When you're driving and suddenly feel a jolt from behind, you were probably part of a rear-end collision. It can happen fast. One minute, you're waiting at a stop light or slowing down for traffic, and the next, another car crashes into your back.

Why do these crashes happen? Well, for a few reasons.

Sometimes, the driver behind is distracted. Maybe they're looking at their phone, talking to someone else in the car, or daydreaming. Other times, they might follow you too closely, so even if they see you stop, they don't have enough space to stop their car before hitting yours.

The trouble with rear-end collisions is that they can hurt you, even if they seem minor. The most common injury is whiplash. This happens when the impact throws your head forward and then back really fast, which can stretch or tear the muscles in your neck. But that's not all. You can also get back injuries, face injuries if your airbag goes off, or even wrist or arm injuries if you see the crash coming and brace for impact.

And it's not just injuries to your body. Your car can take property damage, too. The bumper might get crushed, the trunk can get smashed in, and sometimes, the force can damage important parts of your car that you can't see, like the frame or the exhaust system. All of this means time and money spent on car repairs.

Even if you don't feel hurt right after the crash, seeing a doctor is a good idea. Some injuries take a while to show up. You might feel fine right after but wake up sore or stiff the next day. The doctor can check you out and make sure everything's okay.

After you care for your health, you might start wondering how to pay for the doctor and the car repairs. This is where it might help to talk to a lawyer. They can look at what happened in the crash and explain what you can do next. If the other driver was at fault, you can get money from their insurance to cover your costs.

A lawyer can do a lot for you after a rear-end collision. They can complete all the paperwork, talk to the insurance companies, and take the case to court if necessary. 

All of this can overwhelm you, especially if you're trying to heal from an injury at the same time. That's why having a lawyer can take some weight off your shoulders.

Ultimately, even a simple rear-end collision can be a big headache. It's essential to take care of yourself first, get checked out by a doctor, and then consider the legal side. With the right help, you can get through the aftermath of a rear-end collision without too much stress.

Side-Impact Collisions

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Side-impact collisions, often called T-bones, are serious crashes that can happen in a flash but leave long-lasting effects. Imagine you're driving through an intersection, you've got the green light, and another car fails to stop out of nowhere.

Suddenly, that car slams right into the side of your vehicle.

The doors on the side of a car don't have as much space or as many safety features to absorb the shock of the crash as the front and back of a car do. That's why these kinds of accidents can be especially dangerous.

In a side-impact collision, the car that gets hit can be pushed sideways and even spin around. People inside that car can hit doors, windows, or other passengers. 

This can lead to broken bones, head injuries, and even injuries to the chest and abdomen because the side of the car is so close to the people inside.

Manufacturers build cars to protect you, but when a car gets hit on the side, there's less to shield you from the force of the other vehicle. Even with airbags and seatbelts, people can suffer serious injuries in these crashes. Sometimes, the car's frame can bend or crumple, making it harder to get out of the vehicle after the accident.

It's not just about injuries, either. A side-impact crash can mess up your car so much that you can’t drive it anymore. Even if a repair shop can fix it, it's often expensive, and the car might never be the same. Plus, if the crash happens on the driver's side, the chances of serious damage and injuries are even higher.

You should talk to a lawyer if you're hurt or your car sustained damage in this type of crash. They can explain what to do about medical bills, car repairs, and how to deal with insurance companies.

A lawyer can take your side and work to ensure you get what you need to fix your car and take care of yourself.

A side-impact collision can turn your life upside down, but it doesn't have to keep you there. With the right help and care, you can get back on your feet. Take care of your health, check on your car, and get the right legal help to take care of the rest. That way, you can start to put the accident behind you and move on.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are when one car's front end crashes directly into another's front end. This type of car crash is hazardous. It can happen in a split second if one car swerves out of its lane and into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Sometimes, a driver isn't paying close attention to the road or might drift across the centerline without realizing it out of fatigue. Other times, an intoxicated driver cannot drive straight.

Head-on collisions are often more severe than other car crashes. Imagine two vehicles speeding towards each other when they hit, the combined speed contributes to the impact. That's a lot of force, and it can cause a lot of damage to the cars and the people inside them.

People in head-on collisions can get terrible injuries, sometimes even life-changing ones. We're talking about things like broken bones, injuries to the brain, or even lifelong injuries. Sometimes, the people in these accidents can't survive the crash.

After a head-on collision, the cars involved are often so wrecked that their owners cannot drive them anymore. The engines can get pushed back into where the driver and front seat passengers sit.

Even if you think you're okay, see a doctor after a head-on collision. That's because some injuries inside your body are not visible or felt right away. Doctors can check you out and make sure nothing inside you is hurt. They might order X-rays or scans to look for hidden damage.

After taking care of your health, you might need to deal with the legal side of the accident, and that's when a lawyer can help. They can look at the police report, talk to witnesses, and gather crucial information about the crash. They know how to deal with insurance companies and can work to get you money to help pay for your medical bills, fix or replace your car, and cover money you lost if you can't work because of the crash.

Lawyers understand that head-on collisions are serious and can turn your life around. They can make things easier by handling the complex parts of the legal process. They'll fill out the forms, make the calls, and, if needed, go to court for you. This lets you focus on getting better instead of worrying about insurance and money.

Remember, if you're ever in a head-on collision, it's okay to ask for help. Take care of your health first, then get the right legal help to take care of the rest. You can get through the tough time after a head-on collision with the proper support.

Single-Car Accidents

Sometimes, a car accident only involves one car. This can happen if a vehicle hits a tree, a light pole, or a wall. It can also occur if the vehicle rolls over. These accidents can happen because of many things, like bad weather, the driver not paying attention, or problems with the road, like potholes.

Never assume you have no legal options just because a single-car collision happens. Often, other drivers or parties contribute to these accidents, which might make a lawsuit or uninsured motorist claim possible. You need the right legal assistance for these highly complex situations.

Hit-and-Run Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents are when a car hits another car, a person, or a bike, then drives away without stopping to help or give information. If you're in a hit-and-run, try to remember as much as you can about the car or driver that hit you.

You do not lose all hope of compensation when another driver flees the scene. Sometimes, law enforcement officers can locate the driver based on information from you and witnesses.

Even if the police never find the driver, an attorney can identify other sources of compensation, such as uninsured motorist insurance. Let your attorney handle all communications and negotiations with your insurer to seek the full compensation you deserve.

Multiple-Car Pile-Ups

Multiple-car pile-ups are when more than two cars crash in a chain of accidents. These can happen on busy roads or highways, often when the weather is bad or visibility is low. These accidents can be very confusing and can cause a lot of damage and injuries.

Often, multiple-car collisions can lead to prolonged disputes over liability. Often, more than one person shares liability, but they are unlikely to admit it. Deciphering the right insurance claims to file following a pile-up requires a professional car accident attorney. The last thing you need is to be in the middle of a giant insurance dispute.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be challenging. You might have to talk to insurance companies, figure out how to fix your car, and get treatment for injuries. A lawyer can speak to the insurance companies for you and ensure you get enough money to cover your costs.

If you're hurt, a lawyer can get money for your medical bills and for any work you miss because of your injuries. A lawyer will look at what happened and what you need to get back on track.

Every car accident differs, and what you need after an accident is unique. A lawyer can give you advice that fits your situation and ensure you receive fair treatment.

Seek Help from a Car Accident Lawyer Today

No matter the type, car accidents can turn your life upside down. They can damage your car, hurt you, and leave you with many worries. But a car accident lawyer can guide you through it. Look after yourself first, get the medical treatment you need, then get a skilled personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to help. They can make a hard time a lot easier.

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