Why Do LimeBike/Bird Scooter Accidents Happen

October 27, 2023 | Jarrett Blakeley
Why Do LimeBike/Bird Scooter Accidents Happen

Electric scooters could help the environment and alleviate traffic congestion, and they make getting around easy and quick. But without proper regulations in place, electric scooters could be a menace for not only riders, but for others who use the road as well.

The Washington Post recently reported a spike in the number of electric scooter related accidents across the country, and the Local 10 news channel recently reported that doctors at the Broward Health Medical Center see around five to ten cases related to dockless scooters every week

A Florida based electric scooter accident attorney explains all you need to know about electric scooter accidents:

Causes of Accidents:

1.Reckless Driving:

A large number of people using electric scooters are using them as toys, rather than as an alternative to cars. These joy-riders aren’t just putting themselves at risk, but pedestrians and motorists as well. While some drive without a helmet, others are riding in tandem. It is not uncommon to find riders in the wrong way of the street and on the sidewalks. A lot of these drivers are inexperienced and don’t read the instructions before beginning their ride.

2.Faulty Scooters:

Enthused by the early success of startups like LimeBike and Bird, thousands of copycat companies are dumping city streets with cheap electric scooters. Not all of them spend time and money to maintain their fleets. As a result, sometimes the brakes won’t work, or accelerators might stick. The tiny wheels of these scooters could get stuck in the grates of uneven sidewalks/bike lanes, or cold weather could weaken tire grip. Also, the technology used on most electric scooters is response based, i.e., an innovation on these gadgets depends on user feedback. This can be a problem when people do not know or care about reporting a defect or damage. With rideshare services like LimeBike and Bird, you could be riding a scooter used by hundreds of people, or one with an inherent defect.

3.Other Reasons:

It is not uncommon to find abandoned scooters on sidewalks and building entrances, or even blocking handicap access ramps. Similarly, riders may not be visible to car drivers, which may result in an accident.

What To Do After A Scooter Accident:

The first thing you must do immediately after a scooter accident is get to a safe area that’s away from passing traffic. Check if anyone else is involved in the accident and call for medical help if required. Call the police immediately to report property damage and personal injury. To file a claim for compensation, call electric scooter attorney Jarrett Blakeley.

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