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Few experiences are quite as devastating as the death of a loved one or a family member. And, of course, the pain of the event is often exponentially greater once it is uncovered that the death was due to the negligence of another party, and ultimately could have been prevented altogether.

Fortunately, those who have lost a loved one in Florida may be able to recover compensation in a civil suit under state law. As such, you should not hesitate to contact a wrongful death attorney serving Deerfield Beach for immediate assistance with your claim.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

The premise of a wrongful death claim requires certain elements in order to demonstrate that you should recover compensation.

It must be provable that the death was the result of another party's negligence or intentional actions. To be sure, common events that lead to wrongful death claims can include car or truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, and even accidents involving defective products. In some scenarios, it may be easy to determine who was ultimately responsible for the death of the individual. However, in others, this determination can be much more complex. For example, in the case of a death that was due to a defective product, it often requires a trained professional to help discover who was ultimately at fault, the manufacturer, the distributor, or another party altogether. This is generally where wrongful death attorneys prove invaluable to such a case.

Finally, anyone interested in filing a wrongful death claim in Florida must show that they are eligible to recover compensation on behalf of the deceased. To do so, the plaintiff or plaintiffs in the case must be considered eligible beneficiaries, which includes the deceased's spouse, minor children, or possibly another relative who was dependent on the deceased.

Compensation Available in a Wrongful Death Claim

A variety of different forms of compensation are available to plaintiffs in a wrongful death case, depending on their relation to the deceased. For example, minor children may recover compensation for loss of parental companionship and instruction; a spouse may recover for loss of companionship; and the decedent's estate can even recover for expenses related to medical bills up until the death occurred.

Determining adequate compensation, however, is a difficult task and can be aided by wrongful death lawyers who have experience with this type of claim.

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