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If you have lost a loved one, you likely have many fears and questions about what comes next. A Delray Beach wrongful death attorney can help you to answer these questions and explore your options. If your loved one's death was caused as a result of another party's negligence, then you may be able to hold this party liable—and thereby recover compensation—in a wrongful death lawsuit. The following considers damages that are recoverable in a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida, per Florida 2015 Statutes section 768.21.

Medical Expenses

A person often incurs medical expenses prior to death – this is especially true in the event that the person's death was not immediate, or nearly immediate, after incurring injuries. These medical expenses fall upon the individual's estate after death. When you file a wrongful death lawsuit for damages, and your claim is successful, you can recover compensation to pay all medical expenses related to the incident.

Funeral and Burial Expenses

Delray Beach wrongful death attorneys can help you to file a wrongful death lawsuit that seeks damages for your loved one funeral and burial expenses. When you have lost a family member, providing him or her with a proper burial and funeral may be very important to you – a lawsuit can help you recover the compensation to be able to do just that.

Lost Wages of the Deceased

If you were financially dependent upon the deceased before death, then the death may not only shock you emotionally, but economically too. When you work with Delray Beach wrongful death lawyers, the attorneys can help you determine the exact value of wages that your family would have received had death of the victim not occurred.

Loss of Companionship and Protection

Losing a spouse is an incredibly trying thing to experience. If you are the surviving spouse of a person who died as a result of an act of negligence, Florida law allows you to seek damages in a wrongful death claim for your loss of companionship or protection. Because this is a noneconomic damage, determining the pecuniary value of the loss can be complex; a Delray Beach wrongful death lawyer can ensure that the amount you receive is fair.

Loss of Parental Companionship, Guidance, and Instruction

Losing a parent as a child is devastating. When negligence takes a parent's life, children may be awarded a damages amount that seeks to provide financial compensation for the value of the child's loss of parental companionship, guidance, and instruction.

Pain and Suffering

Finally, both spouses and children of the deceased are allowed to seek compensation for their own emotional pain and suffering as a result of losing a loved one.

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When you have lost your family member, filing a lawsuit is probably the last thing from your mind. However, doing so can help you to gain the compensation that you and your children need to continue living, and that you deserve. Serving Delray Beach, wrongful death attorney Jarrett Blakeley of the Blakeley Law Firm, P.A. can represent you during a wrongful death action. A consultation with the Blakeley Law Firm, P.A. is always free. Call us today to learn more at 954-253-9445.