Intersection Accidents

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Imagine driving through an intersection with a green light, only to catch a glimpse of another car speeding towards you from the side. Unless you’re lucky enough to notice the other driver with enough time to get out of the way, it’s almost certain that the other driver is going to hit you. While the basic driving rules that apply to intersections are simple in theory, in many cases, drivers either forget them, aren’t paying attention, or just don’t care enough to ensure everyone else on the road is safe. In fact, according to the Federal Highway Administration, over half of all fatal traffic accidents occur at marked and unmarked intersections.

The dedicated Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers at the Blakeley Law Firm proudly represent individuals and families impacted by intersection accidents. We understand the frustration that comes along with suffering serious injuries as a result of another’s negligence and want to help you recover the compensation you need, deserve and are legally entitled to.

How Common Are Florida Intersection Accidents?

Intersection accidents are very common, and more Florida car accidents occur in intersections than anywhere else. In fact, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, out of the 401,000 car accidents in 2021, 315,157 took place in an intersection. That means that roughly 78 percent of all car accidents in the state happened in an intersection.

What Are the Leading Causes of Intersection Accidents in Florida?

Intersections are inherently dangerous, as they involve motorists who are traveling in different directions, converging at a single point. Additionally, pedestrians and bicyclists are encouraged to cross at intersections, making them even more dangerous.

Of course, if everyone followed the rules of the road, intersection accidents could mostly be avoided. However, anyone who has spent much time driving in Fort Lauderdale knows that drivers don’t always follow traffic laws. Some of the most common causes of intersection accidents include the following:

Not Paying Attention

Drivers who are distracted or not paying close attention to where they are going are more likely to miss a traffic signal changing from green to yellow to red. In fact, most distracted driving accidents take place at intersections.

Incorrect Assumptions

Good drivers are constantly watching those around them to determine what other drivers are going to do. However, sometimes a driver thinks that a vehicle is going to turn when that wasn’t their intention. This often comes up in the context of left-turn accidents, where a left-turning driver mistakenly assumes that an approaching vehicle is going to turn.

Obstructed Views

If a driver’s view of an intersection is obstructed by road signs, overgrown foliage or a large truck, it may cause them to enter the intersection when it isn’t safe to do so. Typically, road maintenance is the responsibility of the state or local government; however, businesses and other property owners have a duty to ensure their trees don’t block drivers’ views of the intersection.

Illegal Turns

Impatient drivers may enter an intersection against a red light or without stopping to yield the right of way. Illegal U-turns are also a common cause of intersection accidents.

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