Haileah Car Accident Attorney

Serving Haileah Car Accident Lawyer Jarrett Blakeley Offers Assistance to Accident Victims

If you experienced an automobile related injury in a Haileah car accident lawyers who specialize in car accident claims can help you to get compensation for the damages. Attorney Jarrett Blakeley has many years of experience with auto accident claims for residents of Haileah, so he can help you recover damages and begin your journey towards financial recovery.

What Documentation Do I Need to Give My Car Accident Attorney?

An experienced Haileah car accident lawyer can be a blessing when you need to recover damages from an auto accident. However, even the best car accident attorney will need your help. The more information you are able to compile, the better chance you have to receive compensation. Pictures are extremely helpful, so try to get photos of everything related to the accident. This may include photos of the vehicles, the damage to the vehicles, debris on the road, traffic signs, any hazards on the road, and your injuries.

It is also important to write down all information that's relevant to the incident, including the name, driver's license number, insurance information and contact information of any other drivers involved. Write down the names, contact information and badge numbers of any officers, paramedics, EMT's, fire fighters, or other emergency personnel who came to the scene of the accident, as well as testimony and contact information from any witnesses. These folks can give valuable information that can help you win your case

Document any other information relating to the accident: place, weather conditions, date, time, road conditions, and anything else you can think of. Err on the side of caution. When you get medical treatment, get full documentation of your injuries, treatments, and costs. Your attorney will need all of this information to help you.

Serving Haileah Car Accident Lawyer Jarrett Blakeley Can Help You Get Compensated

Car accidents are listed among the main causes of injury, paralysis and death in the United States. If you survived an auto accident, you were fortunate. However, some survivors are more fortunate than others. A seasoned car accident attorney can help you to recover the damages you suffered. Paralysis, disfigurement and scarring, chronic pain, permanent loss of mobility and function, ongoing medical bills, hospitalization, medications, physical therapy, psychological therapy, transportation, lost wages from missed work, and other types of lost earnings might be factored into your compensation.

Is Someone Else at Fault for Your Suffering?

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about auto accidents is that most of them can be avoided through responsible behavior. Most accidents are caused by negligence, including driving while distracted or intoxicated, driving while using a cell phone, disobeying traffic laws, driving unsafe vehicles, or failing to follow other safety protocols. If your injury was caused by the irresponsible actions of another person, you have the right and responsibility to seek justice and compensation.

Collecting Compensation From Your Auto Accident Claim

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