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The simple act of walking, whether for leisure or as a daily commute, carries an inherent risk when sharing the roads with vehicles. Pedestrian accidents in Miami Gardens can happen in an instant, leaving behind confusion and pain. You're not alone if you are a victim of such an accident.

At Blakeley Law Firm, our Miami Gardens pedestrian accident attorneys understand the hardships you're facing, and we're here to guide you through this challenging time.

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Why Choose Us?

Selecting a law firm to represent you in a pedestrian accident claim is a decision that can significantly affect the outcome of your case.

With years of experience serving people in South Florida, Blakeley Law Firm stands out for its commitment to client satisfaction and its successful history in personal injury cases.

Our understanding of the local laws and our proximity to the heart of Miami Gardens right near the Walmart Supercenter off of NW 176th Street means that we're not just familiar with the community, we're a part of it.

Our Miami Gardens pedestrian accident lawyers are ready to leverage our experience and local knowledge to advocate for your rights and secure the compensation you deserve.

Where Can Accidents Happen in Miami Gardens?

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Accidents can happen anywhere pedestrians and vehicles intersect. This can be near busy shopping centers, on sidewalks along major roads, or in residential areas in Miami Gardens.

Major thoroughfares like Northwest 27th Avenue, Northwest 37th Avenue, and Northwest 183rd Street pose risks for pedestrians due to the volume and speed of traffic. While designed for pedestrian safety, crosswalks in these areas can become hotspots for accidents if drivers are not vigilant or disobey signals.

Understanding where and how these accidents occur is crucial for your case. Our firm uses this localized knowledge to help identify problem areas, potentially dangerous traffic patterns, and other relevant factors that can contribute to the success of your claim.

Understanding Pedestrian Accidents in Miami Gardens

Pedestrian accidents are often the result of negligence, whether it's a driver failing to yield the right of way, speeding, or engaging in distracted driving.

At Blakeley Law Firm, our Miami Gardens pedestrian accident lawyers take the time to investigate each case thoroughly, considering all possible factors, from traffic signals to road conditions, to build a strong argument on your behalf.

Types of Accidents and Injuries

The types of pedestrian accidents vary widely, from crosswalk incidents to parking lot mishaps and hit-and-runs. The injuries suffered in such accidents can be particularly devastating, ranging from broken bones and lacerations to more severe injuries like spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injuries.

We understand that each injury carries with it a host of challenges, both physical and emotional, and our firm will work to secure compensation that addresses the full scope of these challenges.

Pedestrian Accident Compensation

Determining the value of your pedestrian accident claim hinges on the severity of your injuries, the impact on your quality of life, and the liability of the parties involved.

Our Miami Gardens pedestrian accident attorneys aim to ensure you receive full compensation for the tangible and intangible losses you've suffered. This includes medical treatment costs, lost income, and the pain and emotional distress you have endured.

Medical Treatment Costs

After a pedestrian accident, medical treatment costs can be overwhelming. These costs cover emergency services, hospitalization, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation, and ongoing care.

We document your medical treatments and associated costs to recover these expenses.

Blakeley Law Firm will work with your healthcare providers to ensure your claim accounts for all current and anticipated medical expenses. We may also hire medical experts to project future costs for long-term care needs, ensuring that you are not left bearing the financial burden of someone else's negligence.

Lost Income and Earning Capacity

If your injuries have caused you to miss work or compromised your ability to earn a living in the future, you can claim lost income and loss of earning capacity.

We establish these losses by obtaining documentation from your employer and, if necessary, by consulting with financial experts who can testify about the impact of your injuries on your future earnings.

At Blakeley Law Firm, we understand the importance of securing compensation that reflects your lost income and the benefits, promotions, and opportunities you might have had without the accident.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation for pain and suffering should address the physical pain and emotional distress that results from your injuries. This type of damage is more subjective and does not have a fixed monetary value, making it particularly complex to quantify.

Our firm takes a compassionate approach to capture the full extent of your pain and suffering. We gather detailed testimony from you, your family, and your healthcare providers to illustrate how the accident has affected your daily life and well-being.

Emotional Distress

Similar to pain and suffering, emotional distress covers the psychological impact of the accident. This may include anxiety, depression, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress.

Proving emotional distress often requires a comprehensive look at your life before and after the accident. Blakeley Law Firm can obtain the necessary psychological evaluations and expert testimony to support your claim for emotional distress.

Rehabilitation Costs

Many pedestrian accident victims require extensive rehabilitation to recover. This can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech and cognitive therapy. These costs can be significant, especially if long-term rehabilitation is needed.

Our firm works to ensure that all current and future rehabilitation costs are included in your compensation, providing a clear picture of your rehabilitation needs to the insurance companies and the court.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

If your injuries prevent you from enjoying the activities you once loved, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of enjoyment of life. We prove this loss by demonstrating the activities you can no longer participate in and how this has diminished your quality of life.

Through personal statements and evidence of your previous lifestyle, we build a case to compensate for this intangible yet significant loss.

Punitive Damages

In some instances where the defendant's conduct was particularly reckless or egregious, the victim may receive punitive damages to punish the wrongdoer. While not available in all cases, our firm can assess whether your case may warrant punitive damages and argue for them where appropriate.

Loss of Consortium

For married victims, loss of consortium damages compensate for the negative impact on the marital relationship. This includes loss of companionship, affection, and support. We work closely with you and your spouse to document these losses and present a claim that reflects the full extent of the harm done to your marriage.

Blakeley Law Firm will work to pursue every aspect of your claim. We understand what must be proven to recover each type of damage and are committed to helping you obtain the total compensation you deserve. If you suffered an injury as a pedestrian, reach out to us to discuss your case and how we can support your recovery journey.

Fighting the Insurance Company

After a pedestrian accident, dealing with insurance companies can be an uphill battle for the unprepared. These companies have one primary objective: to reduce their financial exposure.

They use skilled adjusters and legal teams trained to scrutinize, devalue, or deny legitimate claims to achieve this. It's a strategic game where the injured party is outmatched and disadvantaged unless they have solid legal representation.

At Blakeley Law Firm, we bring our extensive experience and knowledge of the insurance industry's tactics to level the playing field for our clients.

Our firm's history is steeped in successful confrontations with these companies, consistently advocating for and protecting our clients' rights. We're not intimidated by the size or strength of an insurance company; instead, we see it as our mission to dismantle the barriers they put up to fair compensation.

We take on the burden of negotiation and managing all communications with the insurance companies. We prepare each case with a strong collection of evidence, expert testimonies, and a deep understanding of personal injury law.

We look at the fine print of policy terms and conduct our investigations to counteract any attempts by insurers to minimize the impact of your injuries or to question the circumstances of your accident.

Our team is always ready to take a case to trial if the insurance company refuses to offer a settlement that meets the complete needs of our client. This readiness to litigate and our track record of success in the courtroom often prompts insurance companies to reconsider their stance and propose more reasonable settlements.

We understand the psychological and emotional toll that dealing with insurance companies can take on someone already burdened with the aftermath of a traumatic event.

That's why we shoulder the stress of these negotiations, allowing our clients to focus their energy on recovery and rehabilitation. Our commitment is to keep you informed and involved without letting the complexities and frustrations of the process overwhelm you.

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident?

Following a pedestrian accident, the first steps you take can profoundly affect the outcome of your legal case. Immediate medical attention is essential, not just for your health but also for legally documenting your injuries. Medical records serve as a cornerstone of your claim, linking your injuries directly to the accident.

Adhering to treatment plans is equally important. These plans, prescribed by your healthcare providers, form a documented path of your recovery efforts and validate the seriousness of your injuries. Insurance companies can misconstrue failure to follow these plans as a sign of exaggerated injuries, which is why our firm emphasizes the importance of compliance with medical advice.

Documentation is a continuous process, and recording everything related to the accident and its aftermath is important. This includes photographing the accident scene, your injuries, and any property damage.

Gathering contact information from witnesses can provide corroborative statements that strengthen your case. Also, keeping a diary of your daily struggles, pain levels, and how the injuries disrupted your life helps to humanize your claim, providing a narrative that numbers on a medical bill cannot communicate.

Maintaining records of all expenditures tied to the accident is also critical. This can range from medical bills and medication receipts to costs associated with transportation to medical appointments or adjustments made to your home to accommodate your injuries. These tangible costs help in quantifying the financial impact of the accident.

Amid recovery and legal concerns, it's best to avoid discussing the accident or your injuries on social media. Insurance companies often monitor such platforms, looking for evidence that can undermine your claim. They can take a seemingly innocent post out of context and use it against you.

As you go through these steps, Blakeley Law Firm is your strategic partner. We use the information and evidence you gather to build a powerful and persuasive case on your behalf.

We collaborate with accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, and economic loss analysts to substantiate every aspect of your claim with authoritative testimony and evidence.

The journey after a pedestrian accident is often long. But you don't have to walk it alone.

With the legal guidance and support of Blakeley Law Firm, you can focus on your recovery while we focus on securing the justice and compensation you deserve. 

From the initial consultation to the resolution of your case, we are with you at every step, ensuring that your rights are protected. If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident, reach out to us, and let us take the first step toward a successful legal outcome.

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