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No one should have to suffer in the aftermath of the death of a loved one without an aggressive advocate on their side. To be sure, losing a loved one, whether it is a parent, a spouse, or a child, inevitably leads to unbearable pain and suffering. Of course, this does not include the financial expenses that often mount as well, including those for burial costs, any required medical expenses before death, and even burdens associated with the loss of support.

It is for this reason that those who have lost a loved one due to negligence should contact Blakeley Law Firm, P.A. for assistance filing a wrongful death claim in Florida. Serving Plantation wrongful death lawyer Jarrett Blakeley has the experience and skill necessary to recover the compensation you deserve during this troubling time.

Damages to Which You Are Entitled

In the direct aftermath of a loved one's death, there are often a host of pressing financial concerns that arise. For one, the deceased may have received medical treatment in the hospital before death, incurring a significant amount in unpaid bills. Furthermore, funeral costs may have arisen as well, which can often be expensive.

Beyond this, however, there are a number of other concerns that often bear down on the family members of the deceased. To be sure, a child who loses his or her parent to another party's negligence will certainly no longer have the parent's support or guidance; this is a compensable damage in a wrongful death claim. Furthermore, a man or woman who loses his or her spouse will then be at a loss of companionship, and may have suffered intense pain and suffering.

Fortunately for survivors, all of these damages are compensable in a wrongful death claim. As such, anyone who has suffered through the death of a loved one should consider working with a skilled attorney immediately to file a civil suit for damages.

Why Should I Work With Wrongful Death Lawyers?

Compensation is certainly available for survivors of a wrongful death accident. But often, these survivors ask themselves the same question: why should I consider working with wrongful death attorneys, instead of representing myself?

Under the law, survivors are allowed to represent themselves in court, known as "pro se representation." Doing so, however, is rarely the best option. Those unfamiliar with the legal system may not file documents in the correct location and on time, and are generally unable to utilize a broad network of experts for testimony in court. This, in turn, may cause the claim to fail.

Because of this, it is important that you consider reaching out to a wrongful death attorney that serves Plantation, Florida if you are interested in filing a claim.

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