Car Crash Lawyer Assisting Residents of Fort Lauderdale

Florida state law requires each driver to obtain car insurance but they do not always keep this coverage in place. Furthermore, Florida does not require people to obtain Bodily Injury coverage to drive legally.  As a result, many people on the road are not carrying Bodily Injury coverage in the event of an accident. To combat this situation, some insurance companies offer uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage policies to provide coverage in the event that they are involved in a collision with an uninsured motorist. At Blakeley Law Firm, car accident  attorney Jarrett Blakeley provides dedicated legal representation to people in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere in Broward County who have been involved in motor vehicle collisions. Blakeley Law Firm treats all clients with compassion while fighting diligently to assert their rights.


Proving Liability in a Collision Involving an Uninsured Motorist

Uninsured motorist coverage provides protection for any injuries that the policyholder or passengers in his or her vehicle incur because of the collision. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to determine whether the at-fault driver has car insurance.

As in any other car accident, the victim of an uninsured motorist collision must show that the other driver failed to exercise the same level of care and skill that a reasonable driver would use in a similar instance. Car accidents can occur due to a number of reasons, including failing to adhere to basic traffic laws or to adapt one’s behavior to unusual weather or road conditions. If the defendant driver has not obeyed the laws or has not driven in a manner that is safe for the conditions existing at the time of the crash, he or she likely has committed a breach of the standard of care.

Once the plaintiff has proven that the defendant breached the duty of care, the plaintiff must also show that the defendant’s breach was the direct cause of the plaintiff’s damages. Defendants will usually offer any evidence they can at this point suggesting that another force or element, including the plaintiff’s own negligence, was at least partly responsible for the collision.

The last piece of a personal injury case requires supporting any claim for monetary damages by providing medical bills, physical therapy bills, and paychecks showing the amount of wages the plaintiff ordinarily receives. Motor vehicle accidents can often be so severe that the plaintiff is unable to return to his or her job, and sometimes he or she never makes a full recovery. In this instance, the defendant may be required to compensate the plaintiff for any lost wages or the loss of future earning capacity. In many cases, victims also seek damages for non-economic forms of harm, such as pain and suffering.  When the Defendant doesn’t have coverage for your injuries, or they do not have enough coverage, uninsured motorist coverage policies can make a huge difference for the Plaintiff victim.


Consult a Fort Lauderdale Attorney after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Being involved in a car crash is a terrible and unexpected event, but it can be even worse when the person who caused the crash does not have insurance. Motor vehicle collision  lawyer Jarrett Blakeley has helped many residents of Fort Lauderdale and other Broward County communities pursue the compensation that they need. Blakeley Law Firm has also assisted injured individuals in Oakland Park, Hollywood, Sunrise, and Pompano Beach in negotiating with insurance companies and bringing a claim against a careless driver and claims caused by uninsured motorists. Blakeley Law Firm knows that this lawsuit is your one chance to seek the compensation that you deserve. As a result, Jarrett Blakeley fights aggressively to assert your rights and guide you through every step of the process. Call Blakeley Law Firm at 1-954-253-9445 or contact us online to set up a free appointment.