3 Consequences of Not Wearing Your Seatbelt When Driving

October 28, 2023 | Jarrett Blakeley
3 Consequences of Not Wearing Your Seatbelt When Driving

No matter where you sit in a vehicle, wearing seatbelts is important. There’s a common misconception that seatbelts are essential only for front passengers and not for those sitting in the rear. This isn’t true, as several studies suggest.

A recent survey by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that passengers who don’t buckle up not only risk losing their lives but also the driver’s – during an accident, they end up becoming a human missile launched into the back of the driver or another passenger.

What are the other consequences of unbelted driving?

Against the Law:

You don’t need a Florida car accident attorney to tell you that you have to wear a seatbelt at all times while driving. Not doing so is a primary offense; an officer can stop your vehicle and issue a ticket. Similarly, children under five must be restrained in a child car seat.

Did you know, though, adult passengers who haven’t buckled up can be fined again as a secondary offense?


Seatbelts not only prevent passengers from getting ejected from the vehicle, but also from being thrown against the windshield or other passengers. A report by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department claims that 41% of people killed in car crashes are passengers who chose not to wear seatbelts.

Another report finds that men are twice as likely to be killed as women because of not wearing seatbelts. We’ve also discussed how wearing seatbelts is essential not just for front passengers, but for those in the rear as well.

A Bad Role Model:

As parents and responsible adults, it is our responsibility to model good behavior by wearing seatbelts at all times. We must help children understand that there’s nothing cool about not wearing one, or that we’re never too busy or tired to buckle up.

And as several reports suggest, parents are the key to ensuring that their teen drivers use an automobile safely.

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