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Miami Gardens Car Accidents

Miami Gardens Car Accident Lawyer Serving Miami Gardens Car Accident Lawyer Jarrett Blakeley Offers Assistance to Accident Victims

If you suffered injuries related to an auto accident in the last four years, there is still time to file a claim to recover damages. You may need to consult with a Miami Gardens car accident lawyer who is knowledgeable about the Florida law, the area, and the process of seeking compensation for your damages. Even if you believe that your injuries are superficial, it may be in your best interest to consult legal representation. In some cases, injuries may turn out to be more severe than the victim thinks.

An Experienced Miami Gardens Car Accident Attorney Can Help You to Recover Financially

Auto accidents cause thousands of innocent people to be injured each year. The injuries range from minor bruises and scrapes to paralysis and even death. Whatever the extent of your injuries, there is a chance that they could have been prevented. The majority of accidents are caused by some form of negligence. An experienced car accident attorney can help you recover damages to your health and finances, including chronic pain, paralysis, loss of bodily function, hospitalization, physical therapy, medications, loss of income, disfigurement and scars, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and other damages.

Is Someone Responsible for Your Injury?

Experienced car accident lawyers will tell you that most auto accidents are caused by negligence. This can take many forms, including driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving while distracted or using a cell phone, operating unsafe vehicles, aggressive driving, failing to obey traffic laws, or failing to act responsibly in any number of other ways. If you believe it is possible that your injury was caused by another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation to help you recover damages.

What Can I Do to Help My Car Accident Lawyer?

Even an experienced Miami Gardens car accident lawyer will need your help if your claim is to be successful. The more documentation you can get, the better chance you have. Photos are very important. Try to get pictures of the vehicles and the damage they sustained, skid marks, road debris and hazards, and road conditions. Always get photos of your injuries. It’s also important to write down the names, contact info, and other pertinent information regarding the people present: witnesses, emergency personnel, and (of course) the name, driver’s license number, contact information and insurance information from the other driver or drivers.
It’s also a good idea to write down as many details as possible regarding the accident, including time, date, weather conditions, location, road conditions, and other factors that might be pertinent. Get full documentation of your injuries, treatments, and medical costs. All of these things will help your attorney to help you.

Getting Compensated for Your Auto Accident Injuries

Serving Miami Gardens car accident lawyer Jarrett Blakeley of the Blakeley Law Firm is prepared to talk with you about your accident. Call (954) 253-9445 for a free consultation with no obligation.

Client Reviews
"A firm who works hard for you, cares for their clients and professional. I was nervous about the process but Mr. Blakeley and his team treated me like family. They answered all my questions and were a great support. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a personal injury/wrongful death firm. Thank you Blakeley Law Firm." - Rashaad A.
"I have to say Jarrett is one of the best car accident attorneys out there! Super friendly & communicable. Easy to get in touch with when you have any questions, and always calls right back! Also, his assistant Karyn is super friendly and there to answer your question when Jarrett is not available! You guys are truly the best!" - Reanna R.
"Got wonderful service and help during a very bad experience. Would give them 10 stars if I could." - Diane W.