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Serving North Miami Car Accident Lawyer Jarrett Blakeley Provides Legal Assistance to the Injured

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident in North Miami car accident lawyers can help you understand your rights and your options for filing a claim to receive compensation for damages.

Who is Liable for the Damages I Suffered?

It is not always immediately clear who the liable party is in an auto accident. In fact, more than one party may be liable, depending upon the specific details of the accident. These liable parties may potentially include the driver(s) of the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident, employers of company vehicles involved, the manufacturer of a defective vehicle or part, the party or entity responsible for maintaining roads, or any other party whose negligence contributed to the unsafe conditions or circumstances that led to your accident.

What Qualifies as Negligence?

Negligence is generally defined as a failure to take appropriate care or precautions. In some cases, the negligence is criminal, violating a law. In other cases, the negligence is unintentional but nevertheless harmful. In most cases, auto accidents are due to some type of human error or negligence. These may include driving while fatigued or impaired by chemicals, using a cell phone while operating a vehicle, failing to properly maintain a vehicle, hiring untrained or inexperienced drivers, violating traffic laws, speeding, and operating vehicles inappropriately for weather conditions (like driving the full speed limit when the roads are obviously slick). An experienced North Miami car accident attorney can help you support your claim that negligence led to your injury.

A North Miami Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Receive Compensation

If you have been hurt in a car accident, you may have suffered a range of injuries, some of which may mean years of pain, limitation, and recovery. In some cases, the injuries may even cause permanent health problems. You may assume that you will be compensated for your medical bills and auto repairs or replacement, but this may not be enough. Your injuries may cause you to lose wages due to missed work. They may require years of physical therapy and medication.

Before you sign any paperwork from the insurance companies, be sure to consult an attorney to see if you can recover damages related to paralysis, loss of earning potential, hospitalization, therapy, disfigurement and scarring, loss of mobility and bodily function, pain and suffering, mental trauma, long-term care, transportation limitations, and other related damages. Sometimes, it’s hard to foresee the full range of damages and limitations that can result from a negligence-caused auto accident. An experienced auto accident attorney can help you to assess the long-term effects of your injuries and seek out maximum compensation for your suffering.

Serving North Miami Car Accident Lawyer Jarrett Blakeley Can Help

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