What Locations Are Frequent Accident Sites in West Palm Beach, Florida?

February 23, 2024 | Jarrett Blakeley
What Locations Are Frequent Accident Sites in West Palm Beach, Florida?

On the east shore of Florida's Panhandle, West Palm Beach is a touristy city supporting a growing technology industry. Covering an area of 57.78 square miles, West Palm Beach is home to 120,932 residents who live in 48,002 households.

Okeechobee Boulevard Intersections

While people feel safe in West Palm Beach, some intersections in the city are considered hazardous. You need to be especially aware of Okeechobee Boulevard, as the road stops along several intersections where crashes regularly occur.

Instead of saying "SOS," motorists might send out an "Okeechobee" warning - at least to themselves when driving this dangerous thoroughfare.

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Okeechobee Boulevard and Military Trail

Crashed car by active West Palm Beach intersection, red stop sign.

One of the most dangerous intersections along Okeechobee Boulevard is where it joins the Military Trail. Some claim that this site is the most dangerous crash site in Palm Beach County. A reported 123 crashes occurred at the intersection. The excess wrecks are due to the traffic-heavy volume of cars.

Okeechobee Boulevard and Wabasso Drive

You must also pay special attention when traveling Okeechobee Boulevard and approaching Wabasso Drive. The roadway is close to several major auto dealerships and serves as the endpoint for Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard. Travelers often crash here while struggling to go from Wabasso Drive to a busier thoroughfare.

Okeechobee Boulevard and Haverhill Road

Haverhill Road represents another adjoining roadway to Okeechobee Boulevard, often the site for wrecks. The suburban residential area sits next to a shopping area, increasing the risk of collisions.

Okeechobee Boulevard and the Southbound Interstate 95 Exit

Accident rates frequently climb near major highway exits and entrances. If you find yourself navigating this intersection, you might find it more practical, if not comfortable, to find an alternate route.

Okeechobee Boulevard and North Jog Road

According to data, this intersection had 87 collisions during that year. It's unsurprising, as the site is close to several stores and hotels, attracting a large traffic volume. It also represents the intersection of two major highways.

45th Street and North Congress Road

This intersection marks the second most dangerous intersection in West Palm Beach. The existence of multiple shopping centers leads to bumper-to-bumper traffic as well as fender-benders and more serious incidents.

Palm Beach Lakes Intersections

Palm Beach Lakes is also a thoroughfare with its share of car accident crashes, underscoring the importance of navigating the legal complexities of such incidents with the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney to pursue fair compensation for any damages incurred.

Palm Beach Lakes and Village Boulevards

This intersection is close to a popular shopping area, and it also sits near drives and smaller roads that may confuse drivers unfamiliar with this part of town. If a car emerges from a drive, it can easily lead to a serious accident.

Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard and North Robbins Drive

Statistics indicate that this intersection ties with Palm Beach Lakes and Village Boulevards regarding accident rates. It has the fourteenth-highest accident rate in Palm Beach County. The intersection is close to a major highway exit and entrance area and several businesses.

Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard and Executive Center Drive

Shoppers visiting the Palm Beach Outlets frequently travel through this intersection. As a result, accidents occur regularly. While lower speeds cause less car damage, some injuries are nonetheless significant.

Lyons Road and Southern Boulevard

The area north of this intersection is home to a busy shopping center, although it also sits close to a quiet suburban area. Again, motorists eager to shop often end up getting hit.

Why West Palm Beach Has More Car Accident Sites

West Palm Beach has more car crashes compared to other Florida cities for several key reasons:

A Haven for Tourists

Because it is a tourist-based city, West Palm Beach receives plenty of traffic. Both shopping and tourism lead to more accidents.

Road Infrastructure Challenges

Because of population growth, the infrastructure of roads has not kept pace. Therefore, limited transit options, fewer lanes, and poor lighting can trigger more accident claims.

Increased Pedestrian Accidents

West Palm Beach experiences a high rate of pedestrian fatalities each year. Longer distances of crosswalks or cars making right turns without fully stopping contribute to the crashes. Speeding along corridors with pedestrian access also plays a role in the accidents.

A Major Hub for Highway Interchanges

West Palm Beach is a major nexus between key arterials and highways, including US 1, I-95, and the Florida Turnpike. This leads to high speeds combined with complicated weaving and merging patterns of traffic. Driver confusion and carelessness increase the risk of collisions.

Overall, a combination of infrastructure shortcomings, high traffic volumes, and poorly designed highway networking creates crash-prone conditions over time.

How Much Should I Ask for My Car Accident Claim in West Palm Beach?

If you suffered harm in an accident caused by negligence in West Palm Beach, you may be entitled to claim compensatory damages from insurance policies and other sources.

No-Fault Car Insurance

Florida operates as a no-fault insurance state, meaning both drivers involved in an accident use their own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) auto insurance to pay initial medical bills and lost income, regardless of fault. The no-fault system aims to expedite claims processing so accident victims access benefits quicker to cover costs.

However, Florida's no-fault system has limits. If medical and lost income expenses exceed $10,000, the at-fault driver's liability coverage aims to offer additional compensation for Florida's drivers. There is also no available compensation for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.

Victims may be eligible to file third-party insurance claims and lawsuits against a negligent motorist to recoup additional damages.

Negligence Claims

In addition to its no-fault car insurance system, Florida allows seriously injured car accident victims to seek additional compensation. To do so, you must meet the serious injury threshold and demonstrate your losses exceed your PIP policy limits.

When pursuing these claims, you must prove negligence of the policyholder before you can receive compensation. Once you prove they should be liable, you can seek damages for your economic and non-economic losses, including medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

A car accident attorney can assess your situation and advise whether your injuries and losses qualify you for a third-party claim. If so, they can handle the process for you.

Quantifying Damages 

Insurers appraise claim validity and resolution value based on supporting documentation, considering quantifiable accident-related losses. Gather substantive proofs like:

  • Itemized medical bills indexing treatments for crash injuries 
  • Medical notes and hospital reports explaining diagnosis and prognosis
  • Receipts for medical appliances, prescriptions, and transportation for care
  • Logs of missed work days and income due to collision injuries
  • Vocational assessments projecting long-term earning capacity reductions  

You'll also need to account for damaged property, repair invoices, rental car costs, and other relevant outlays.

Maximize Hard-to-Value Losses

In addition, you'll need an attorney's help when seeking fair compensation for intangible damages like pain and suffering or loss of companionship. Detail how your injuries have necessitated your attorney's professional and personal assistance.

Consult with your attorney to estimate reasonable valuations for mental anguish and trauma. While no formula or chart precisely prescribes subjective trauma costs, insurers employ historical cases to derive general pain and suffering multipliers connected to injury types.

If the at-fault driver's actions showed exceptionally wanton disregard for your safety, additional punitive damages might be available on top of compensatory sums to further deter this driver's negligence. Discuss with legal counsel whether clear reckless conduct or impairment like drunk driving warrants demanding additional punitive claims.

Check on All Available Coverage 

Explore all potential insurance resources when compiling a settlement amount, including:

Consult with your driver to review all applicable insurance documents to obtain maximum claim reimbursements.

Study Past West Palm Beach Verdicts and Settlements

Evaluating previous successful claim resolutions for comparable collisions and injuries provides a benchmark for shaping reasonable settlement demands. An attorney experienced in local claims and verdicts can research local court records and legal databases for similar injury case results.

Doing so will allow them to find settlements for cases like yours - with similar crash physics, demographics, and defendant insurance limits for past claims.

How a Car Accident Lawyer in West Palm Beach Can Help You Maximize Your Claim

Car accident victim with injury seeks legal advice on insurance matters from lawyer.

Suffering injuries and vehicle damage in a motor vehicle collision caused by a negligent Florida driver entitles you to claim compensation for harms and losses. But navigating complex legal processes, dealing with insurers, and substantiating damages represents an uphill battle.

An experienced West Palm Beach car accident lawyer guides victims through claiming, communicating with adjusters, documenting evidence, establishing liability arguments, and resolving cases through settlement negotiations or civil lawsuits on the plaintiff's behalf.

Navigating Complicated Laws and Processes

Florida insurance regulations use no-fault systems along with tort laws governing injury liability, and a plaintiff's successfully claiming rightful compensation involves adhering to various statutes, deadlines, medical examination requirements, and documentation duties.

A knowledgeable local personal injury lawyer directly handles these case management burdens so clients can focus their energy on healing. Attorneys also know what evidence proves fault and maximizes a claim's value.

Obtaining Favorable Expert Analysis and Evidence 

Independent medical examinations, accident reconstruction experience, vocational assessments, and other claims that need analytic opinions often prove vital to verify claimed injuries and earning losses. Collecting evidence must be both comprehensive and reliable.

Retained legal professionals select trustworthy specialists across needed fields, coordinate evaluations, and obtain professional reports upholding plaintiff claims against challenges made by insurance companies.

Establishing Strong Liability Arguments

Police reports, eyewitness statements, skid mark measurements, traffic camera footage, and forensic data that an attorney collects and synthesizes can be used as a narrative to prove the other party's fault. When findings back arguments, you'll have more leverage when negotiating a settlement.

Accounting For and Reviewing All Relevant Insurance Policy Parties' Knowledge of State Insurance Regulations helps you identify all applicable liability policies covering drivers, owners, and involved third parties.

Lawyers also examine finer coverage details concerning medical payments, uninsured driver's coverage, underinsured provisions, and medication fee limits - dictate available compensation limits. Understanding full insurance resources improves drivers' shielding potentials when damages exceed a single defendant's coverage maximums.

Calculating Projected Future Losses

Car accidents may inflict lifelong disabilities - impacting long-term wellness and income earning. The defendant's experienced attorneys employ proprietary calculators and prior case data to produce loss of future earnings reports and to project medical cost tables that span expected lifetimes. Quantifying this information allows your lawyer to use strong negotiation strategies.

Persuasively Negotiating Settlements

Instead of hastily accepting a meager settlement offer, a lawyer will assemble a demand package encompassing documented medical bills, physician prognoses on treatment requirements, and professional analyses.

Litigating Cases When Warranted

If insurers refuse reasonable resolution offers, dedicated lawyers are fully prepared to file civil court complaints seeking a jury's verdict and award. Most defendants often relent by this point, preferring to pay instead of facing litigation risks. Defendants are liable for compensating plaintiffs for the damages resulting from their injuries. Going to trial can, therefore, become much more expensive, if not cost-prohibitive.

Working on a Contingency Basis

Your lawyer won't charge you an attorney's fee in most personal injury claims unless you receive a settlement. You don't owe them the fee if they don't win your case. The fee range won't be 20 percent to five attorneys of the settlement award, with most lawyers, on average, charging 33 percent. It varies based on the complexity of the case.

Speak to a Car Accident Lawyer in West Palm Beach Today

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